It is good for the environment.

Most WPC boards are made from recycled materials, up to 90% of the total composition. These materials are typically reclaimed hardwoods and recycled plastics, reducing the amount of plastic heading for landfill. Some suppliers also have FSC accreditation, which ensures the responsible use of timber in manufacture. It is worth noting that you should avoid decking which uses rice pulp instead of reclaimed hardwood, as this material may not be recycled and it prone to moisture absorption, leading to warping and premature decay.

Decks and Wildfires

Fires in the wildland-urban interface raise concerns about outdoor decks. Decking that's laid horizontally with gaps between can ignite from burning embers and spread flames to the house. Fire officials recommend clearing away flammable material within 30 feet of the house as part of a strategy to create defensible space. Decks constructed of flammable materials weaken that space. Most deck materials are tested for flame-spread rates, but these ratings don't tell fire officials about flammability and ignition under forest-fire conditions.

About Seven Trust Decking Products

The narrow-spaced grooves on our boards are functional as well as stylish it creates a low-slip surface, coupled with the strength of the material. The low-slip design means it's suitable for areas that may get some surface water. However, it's always advisable to allow water to run off.

We also supply all the trims to match to ensure your Deck looks seamless in its setting. Seven Trust supply Decking suitable for commercial and domestic properties.

We Don’t Just Focus On WPC Materials

While producing and improving WPC deck board materials is our bread and butter, we offer a variety of other products that support our goal of developing ultra low-maintenance, long-life and eco-friendly solutions. Take for instance, our recycled plastic subframe solutions… They come in the form of a small plastic joist, large plastic joist, plastic post and pedestal network: all of which are purpose-built, like-for-like alternatives to the more traditional timber subframe. Like our WPC deck, they do not succumb to the pressures of weather and are constructed from recycled plastic.

Premium Composite Decking At Affordable Prices

WPC Composite Decking is strong durable and inexpensive, very low maintenance and a superior alternative to timber decking. Our WPC decking is made from 50% hardwood fibres, 40% recycled polyethene and a 10% mix of bonding agents and additives.  O...

What’s The Split Between Wood And Plastic?

While timber forms the majority of the material within our wood plastic decking; recycled plastic and performance enhancing additives make up the rest. These work hand-in-hand to enhance our products, ensuring we offer both authenticity and perfor...