WPC Decking In Australia

Presumably everybody knows Australia’s natural lumber resource is decreasing day by day, the market demand of woodiness product increases day by day however.The huge market demand and technical breakthrough will inevitably expand the market channel of wood-plastic materials.From the perspective of market demand, WPC is most likely to start large-scale expansion in the fields of building materials, outdoor facilities, logistics and transportation, transportation facilities, furniture and supplies, etc.

On September 29th, Mr. Li went to receive the award at Brussels, Belgium. The award of Green designing shows our achievements on environmental protection.

WPC Decking In Australia

Deck, wall cladding and fencing solutions made of Twinson are perfect for designing outdoor areas. The unique features of this innovative composite allow Twinson to combine the advantages of wood with those of high-quality plastic. Its surface gives it a warm feel and a natural look, just like wood. The PVC it contains makes it highly durable and easy to maintain. Products made of Twinson have a wide range of applications and are easy to install.

Composite vs. Wood in Australia

So, Composite  vs. wood? We probably will not be staying in our house for more than 5 years, if that makes a difference. We have a wood deck currently, but it is in bad shape and needs to be either repaired or replaced. We were originally going to go for wood, but since lumber is so expensive anyways right now, have been leaning maybe trex, since we are assuming the cost difference won't be as much as it used to be.

Product Details

Deck Flooring With Color Grain Technology is new technique we developed recently. we can apply this new technique to our wpc products to create some natural grains. color grain products not only have similar natural appearance smilar to real wood, but also provide excellent mechanical properties, environmental concepts, easy installtion and long-termed duration. The biggest advantages of this new product series is the natural feeling which makes our products to be a perfect subsitution to real wood and WPC Decking In Australia.
Size/Dimension145 mm x 23 mm
Surface FinishSanding,Brushing
Wear ResistanceYes
Length2.44 mtrs/ 8'

How to Care for WPC Decking

In the past, homeowners only had one choice of material when building a deck: wood. Though beautiful, wood decks require rigorous maintenance, and frequent resanding and refinishing. Several companies have offered a solution to this problem by creating WPC decking. WPC decking material is made from wood byproducts (such as sawdust or wood chips) and plastics. The decking comes in many different colors and styles. Though this material will not require extensive upkeep, some maintenance is mandatory--you should sweep and scrub your deck occasionally. In most cases, stains can be removed, but since WPC decking cannot be sanded and refinished, address stains immediately.


WPC is made from eco-friendly materials. This composite material is made to last and has many of the properties of a wood decking without the environmental impact.

Many WPC decking solutions are composed of recycled materials or products that have been made from maintained resources.

The prolonged life of WPC decking also means that you are never having to replace materials more often than you should—therefore utilising more materials than required.

What Is Wood Plastic Composite WPC Decking Made Of?

Seven Trust’s wood plastic composite decking (WPC decking) is, as the name suggests – formed of a combination of recycled plastic and wood fibres. The two main materials in our products, they work together and result in high performing products, w...

The advantages of Composite Decking Materials

Our unique Northwest weather presents a challenge for homeowners, particularly when it comes to outdoor structures such as decks. Choosing the right decking material for your climate makes a big difference in determining the lifespan and attractiv...